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m43pol07 - MATH 43 Policy Statement Fall 2007 1 Instructor...

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MATH 43 Policy Statement Fall, 2007 1. Instructor: B. Dodson, Room 207 XS, Phone x8-3745, Email bad0. 2. Text: Poole, Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, 2nd Edtn. Selected portions of Chapters 1 - 5, plus Section 7.3 will be covered. 3. Attendance & Quizzes: Attendance is expected at all lectures. Attendance will be encouraged using in-class quizzes, without further announcement. There will not be any make-up for missed quizzes. A compelling reason for an absence, such as being on a Lehigh sports team with an away game, may be considered as an excused absence (and given a score as the average of your quiz scores). There will be two hour exams. 4. Homework: We will also have graded homework assigments, which will be selected from a larger collection of study homework. No late Homework will be accepted, so if you know that you will be absent you should make arrangements to turn in your Homework before leaving. Quizes and Homework will be counted together in determining your course grade, after dropping the three lowest scores (to allow for reasonable absences that are not excused).
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