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environmentalism: a global history

environmentalism: a global history - attention because I...

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Professor Tuten 20 th Century World 2 March 2008 Environmentalism: A Global History Ramachandra Guha’s book, Environmentalism: a Global History , based on environmentalism throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century is very informative and I learned things I did not know before about environmentalism and the movements and ideas that shaped it around the world. It was a little difficult to begin getting involved into the book, because I have never been one to be extremely interested in environmentalism. This book caused me to learn a little more about a subject and the ideas behind it that I knew nothing about when I first opened the book. The most interesting part about the book was the mentioning of Rachel Carson and how Silent Spring was the beginning of the second wave of environmentalism. This caught my
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Unformatted text preview: attention because I remember learning about Rachel Carson in high school, and she is from Springdale, Pennsylvania, which is only ten minutes from where I am from. I also found her work to be interesting, because she was from a small town, and her work somehow made it around the world. I also seemed interested in the fact that the public was more involved this time around, which strangely caused me to pay more attention to Guha’s writing. I also enjoyed a quote near the end of the book, because of how Guha managed to tie all his ideas and work into one main idea about environmentalism. He stated, “Restraint, in the sense of limits on behavior toward both the environment and other humans, and farsightedness, looking toward a common future, and the multiple paths to get to it” (pg. 145)....
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