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20 th Cent. World 153, Section 03 1 February 2008 “Kind of Blue” The book, The Making of a Kind of Blue , written by Eric Nisenson, gives you a great look into the life of Miles Davis and the great accomplishments that he had throughout his amazing career in jazz music. I am usually not that interested in jazz, because most of it sounds the same to me, with little difference, but Miles Davis’s success stories caught my attention. I found it very interesting how much Miles Davis managed to change the music scene. The album Kind of Blue helped influence the works of many other musicians who could only hope to be as talented as Miles Davis was lucky enough to be. I also learned about the fact that Miles Davis wasn’t the only one who helped make the album possible, but also three other talented musicians. Along with Miles, I learned a little about other artists who were in Miles’s life, such as Bill Evans, who was a very prominent jazz performer and played in Miles’s band. I
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Unformatted text preview: got the impression that Miles Davis was a kind man, willing to lend a hand to a friend whenever possible, because of how he helped Evans. Not to mention, Evans was a white jazzman. Miles was the furthest thing from a bigot, and liked performers for their music, not their skin color. He also seemed to be an easygoing man. From the stories I read, there were quite a few that involved Miles and some very sarcastic and sadistic comments directed towards his friends. I particularly enjoyed how this story is told by one of Miles Davis’s friends. The way the book is laid out, it really does make me feel like I am having a conversation with a man who loves talking about the accomplishments of an old, good friend. Not only did I get to learn about his life in the music business, but I also learned a little about his life before becoming such a major part of music history....
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