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delusions of satan - A Delusion of Satan In A Delusion of...

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A Delusion of Satan In A Delusion of Satan , by Francis Hill, there are many causal factors involved in the Salem witch trials. Out of all the possibilities she lists that connect the witch trials, there are a few that seem to stick out more than others do. The main three that seemed to be the most influential in her writing was the unfairness of the judicial system, the psychological instability of the townspeople, and the close-mindedness of the Puritans views and values. The book had a very effective way of explaining the Salem witch trials; there were many details included that helped back-up Hill’s theories on the horrific trials. The most influential factor in the Salem witch trials is the Puritans lifestyle and values. The religion they have is a very strict one; they believe almost anything that could possibly be fun, as sinful. Within the Puritan faith, one's soul was considered predestined from birth as to whether it had been chosen for Heaven or condemned to Hell. The beliefs they had were strong and must be followed. The patriarchal beliefs that Puritans held in the community added further stresses. Women, they believed, should be totally subservient to men. By nature, a woman was more likely to enlist in the Devil's service than a man was. Therefore, it was easier to believe that women were more likely to be involved in witchcraft. The first women involved were Sarah Good, Sarah Osbourne, and
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delusions of satan - A Delusion of Satan In A Delusion of...

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