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Classics 30 Lecture 7

Classics 30 Lecture 7 - Classics 30 Lecture 7 Eos and...

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Classics 30 Lecture 7 – 04/16/07 Eos and Tithonos o Trojan human with Eos o Hom. Hym. Aph. Lines 218-238 o Eos (goddess of Dawn) falls in love with Trojan mortal Tithonos o Tithonos (mortal) granted immortality by Zeus But does not remember to ask for youth, so he ages Eos locks him behind doors and leaves him as he shrivels Homeric Hymns o Olympian gods as a group and how they establish their power o An event that happened in the god’s life and how they received their “honors” o Sung at Panhellenic festivals Greece united for a festival to honor the Olympian gods o Celebrated the lives/ timai of different gods o Shorter than epic, but same style (same meter) o Composed in archaic period o Anonymous Apollo o Always very upright, civilized o Hair is always brushed, very ordered o Gods fear Apollo when he first enters the House of Zeus Succession myth that he is the son of Zeus that will overtake him o Homeric Hymns somewhat reassures us that the Succession Myth ended o
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