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Tiny Tots Day Care 5890 Altema Dr. Clemson, SC 29632 864-505-5554 April 16, 2008 7930 Booco Ave. Clemson, SC 29632 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brady, Here at Tiny Tots Day Care we pride ourselves on the level of service our employees provide, the level of attention each student receives and the abilities of our highly educated staff in the area of child care. As we have grown so has our ability to handle issues among the children. In our recent meetings we have discussed your son Brett’s behavior and since that time have seen little to no improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Brady we regret to inform you that we have to expel your son Brett from our day care center. My employees have been more than accommodating and do like your son but the recent circumstances have caused many to become worried about his behavior. Other parents have threatened removing their children if Brett’s issues are not handled and we would like to assist you in handling these. The following are some of the things that occurred since our last meeting:
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Unformatted text preview: 6 biting incidents with one requiring a child to receive stitches Kicking of teachers Regularly scratching others, hitting others, and pulling others hair We feel that Brett would be better suited at a different type of day care and are willing to help you find the right place for him. He is a great child with a lot of potential but he requires a more suitable place for his needs. We would recommend Tiny Tigers Day Care or Seneca Apple Seeds Day Care and have taken the liberty to go ahead and contact them to see about availability. Both locations have an opening in the next two weeks and we would be willing to continue care of Brett until that time. We greatly appreciate your business and your understanding of this matter. We hope that Brett finds a better fit and we wish you all of luck in the future. Sincerely, Parker Harroff Owner of Tiny Tots Day Care ttdaycare.com...
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