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April 15, 2008 Manager, Customer Relations Direct TV 789 Crappy TV Lane Buns, KY 78909 Subject: Poor reception in an area free of obstructions On March 15 th , 2008 my family acquired your services as a replacement for our local cable as we thought this would be a good purchase we have been sadly mistaken. We purchased this dish and paid for the setup and a premium package. Since the purchase and installation we have experienced many issues and are looking to get those resolved in the very near future. The following is a list of our issues: We have tried contacting customer service many times and have yet to get a helpful response. When it even is partly cloudy we lose reception In a perfectly clear sky we receive a fuzzy signal We have dealt with at least three different technicians who have gone as far as rewiring
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Unformatted text preview: everything, switching the dishes and repositioning everything. We have had our TV checked on the recommendation of the technicians and it works perfectly. Nothing seems to work and we were told that our area is one of the best for satellite TV. We have tried going down many avenues to rectify these issues and had no luck so far. These transgressions need to be handled within the next week or we are prepared to pursue a lawsuit to recoup our losses. I look forward to working these problems out and to pursue a better relationship with your company. I thank you for your time and future effort in retaining our family as customers as well as others we know. Sincerely, Parker Harroff pharrof@clemson.edu...
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