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Classics 30 Lecture 16

Classics 30 Lecture 16 - Classics 30 Lecture 16 What is...

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Classics 30 Lecture 16 – 05/09/07 What is the “epic cycle”? o After Homer (around 6 th BC), poets tried to fill in all missing pieces of the myth of Troy Only pieces and fragments have survived o Went from story of Thebes all the way to the “Telegony” Telegony is the story after Odysseus gets home o Survived in fragments (Malcolm Davies, The Greek Epic Cycle ) Hesiod: life is marked by toil and suffering, Iron Age is worst age, but inescapable lot of mankind o Really grim to have to cook food Homer: Life for Odysseus is marked by suffering in quest to reach home. Whole purpose of his quest is to escape “other” and reach the normal world o Says something very different than Works and Days o Being a man is preferable to being a god or demi-god Aeschylus: movement from pessimistic to optimistic view of life through the trilogy. We begin with dark view that man’s lot is a mixture of “learning through suffering.” Characters faced with impossible choices o
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