Classics 30 Lecture 10

Classics 30 Lecture 10 - o A foil for Odysseus o Orestes at...

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Classics 30 Lecture 10 – 04/25/07 Penelope and Telemachy o Penelope weaves then unweaves o Don’t know how to move forward o Telemachus – 20 years old have to prove himself o Penelope – middle age – but still beautiful and young o Ithaca at standstill Phemius o Odyssey Bl (p5-6, 10-11) o Sings for suitors, of the Trojan heroes o Homer – a double of himself o Sings out of necessity o Gives Penelope pain to hear, too close to Heroic Age o Sings with a lyre Nostos o Greek word: homeoming o Cross Heroic Age and into Iron Age o A lost epic poem told story of all heroes’ nostoi o Achilles chooses kleos over nostos o See of. Intro (1 st pages) o Significant Nostos Agamemnon Nestor Menelaus The next generation o Agamemnon, Achilles, Odysseus o Orestes, Neoptolemus, Telemachus o Menelaus not heroic enough, he has no son o Neoptolemus – gets called to fight Trojan War in Achilles place – gets kleos o Orestes and Telemachus no war to fight in Clytemnestra marries Agamemnon; gives birth to Orestes takes lover Aegisthus
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Unformatted text preview: o A foil for Odysseus o Orestes at school o Agamemnon gets home fast, but is killed by Aegisthus • Kleos o Fame, honor, glory o Sons should uphold kleos of their fathers o Transmitted through song, memory o Undying fame – closest men can come to immortality is to live through song o Achilles chose kleos over nostos o Marker of a Greek hero o First word – man out to get glory and fame o Comes from aristocracy • Pg 18. Od 1.253-60 o He disappears, his kleos is disappearing o Prevents his son from going into manhood • Telemachy o Books 1-4 o Telemachus sent off by Athena on journey o Seeks news of father: mini odyssey o Attempts to establish his own kleos • Telemachus’ problem o How to become a hero in a post- heroic age? o Succession myth – Oedipus complex o Whiny • Od. 1.223 - 26 (pg 17) • Od. 1.231 – 37 o Telemachus wishes Odysseus isn’t his father....
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Classics 30 Lecture 10 - o A foil for Odysseus o Orestes at...

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