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Classics 30 IDs - Not like the bible, or a set of rules....

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Classics 30 – IDs 04/04/07 Epic Kind of poetry/style of poetry that the Theogony is written in a long poem (always in verse) think Odyssey Hexameter – 6 feet in a line (only in Greek, translated into either prose or poetry) Flourished in archaic period Gods and heroes Invocation of the Muse Homer and Hesiod – two main epic poets Theogony – written by Hesiod – Birth of the Gods Unclear whether it was written or sung, but think about it written Late 8 th century Gony = birth Theo = gods Creation story about how Gods came into being “Human” idea of birth “religious text” – deals with gods, but is not necessarily a sacred text.
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Unformatted text preview: Not like the bible, or a set of rules. More a narrative. Other Theogonies existed at the same time, and all were accepted by the Greeks Divine authority of Muses Muses Nine daughters of Memory (Mnemosyne) and Zeus (lines 54-55) Much later in the chronological order of gods Truth not forgetting in Greek Primordial Gods Founded the Universe and Earth, sky, mountains, seas Titans 12 titans, Chronos Olympians Chaos Greek for to gate opening of a gate Had some children, was First Gaia Earth Ouranos Sky...
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