Ch8 - Hydrolytic enzymes o Invariant chain CLIP o HLA-DM o...

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Content List for Chapter 8 Self-MHC restriction Antigen Presenting cells Professional APCs Nonprofessional APCs Antigen-processing and MHC Assembly Class I o Proteasomes Ubiquitin LMP2, LMP7, LMP10 o TAP o Calnexin o Calreticulin o Tapasin Class II o Early and late endosomes, lysosomes Acidic compartments
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Unformatted text preview: Hydrolytic enzymes o Invariant chain CLIP o HLA-DM o HLA-DO • Segregation of Class I and Class II processing • CD1 o Non-classical MHC class I o Phospholipids and glycolipids of Mycobacteria o Processing is TAP-independent, but mechanism unknown...
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