Lecture_17 - Transmission Systems Communication -Point to...

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Transmission Systems Communication -Point to point -discrete targets -All have wide ranging effects * Hypothalamic -hormone secretion goes through blood * Autonomic Nervous System -interneurons magnify the effect * Diffuse Modulatory System -Diffuse target Hypothalamus (fig 15.3) -Regulates internal homeostasis (balance between internal environment and external environment) i.e. blood pressure, water balance -Parts of the Hypothalamus: Later and Medial - both get input from forebrain and brainstem Periventricular - input from lateral and medial, involved in secretion of hormones and regulation Pituitary Control : - Magnocellular neurons : secrete hypothalamic hormones into pituitary blood vessels - Parvocellular neurons : secretion of hypothalamic releasing hormones that release - Pituitary hormones - PVN ( Paraventricular nucleus) and SON (Supraoptic nucleus) both make one- thing and project axons directly to the pituitary Magnocellular Cells (fig15.4) -make oxytosin (OT) and Vasopressin (AVP) -Both are released into posterior pituitary capillary bed, they are now in blood and go anywhere in the body AVP actions on water retention (fig 15.5) -Acts on kidney to let it know not to loose water -kidney releases Renin turns to Angiotensin I then Angiotensin II which affects blood vessels in kidney
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Lecture_17 - Transmission Systems Communication -Point to...

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