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Ch7 - o Anchor residues • Polymorphism o Diversity in...

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Content List for Chapter 7 Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) Class I Class II Class III Physical linkage and genetic linkage o Polymorphism o Haplotype o Genetic crosses Grafts: acceptance and rejection Class I and Class II structure o Class I: α -chain and β 2 -microglobulin o Class II: α -chain and β -chain o Distal domains Peptide binding Polymorphism o Proximal domains Ig-like CD8 and CD4 binding Conservation Exon structure Peptides o Size constraints
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Unformatted text preview: o Anchor residues • Polymorphism o Diversity in populations rather than within individuals o Linkage disequilibrium o Localization to distal domains and the peptide-binding cleft • Non-classical MHC class I and class II o H-2M o CD1 • Co-dominance • Regulation o Interferons and TNF o Virus infection • Immune responsiveness o Determinant selection o Holes-in-the-Repertoire • MHC and Disease...
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