Lecture_11 - The Eye Visual Processing Properties of...

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10/11/05 The Eye Visual Processing Properties of light (fig 9.1, 9.2) -waves… visual spectrum is (higher energy) 400-700 λ (lower energy)… blue-red -light waves = a ray Reflection and Absorption - Reflections –light rays bounce off object (mirror) when surface doesn’t absorb light or allow light to pass through - Absorption –transfers light energy to objects (converts light nrg to heat nrg… suntan) -Combination of the two determines color Refraction : bending of light when passing through differences in density -light particles are slowed and deflected (bending) -Refraction allows lens to focus light… degree of deflection depends on density difference and angle of incidence The Eye (fig 9.6) * Sclera - keeps the eye together * Cornea - allows light to enter, transparent made of living tissue, denser than air so light refracts when it comes in at an angle * Aqueous Humor - nourish cornea and supports shape of corneal * Iris - gives eye color, does the changing of pupil size * Pupil - a hole in the Iris (like aperture on a camera)… Reflex of pupil to light allowing light in or decreasing amount of light allowed in… if you increase one pupil, the other would react the same and increase even if it is in a different amount of light… communication between eyes is through the brain stem * Lens - involved in fine light focus… contraction or relaxation of ciliary muscles… contrary to common mechanism, contraction thickens the lens and relaxation flattens the lens (counter intuitive movement of muscles to lens) * Vitreous humor - maintains eye shape by controlling internal pressure * Retina - PART OF THE BRAIN… contains an area called the fovea where light is generally focused… and optic disk where blood vessels enter and retina exits Retina (fig 9.5) - Optic disk -where all outgoing nerve axons converge and all blood vessels go out of the
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Lecture_11 - The Eye Visual Processing Properties of...

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