Psyc 107 Chapter 1

Psyc 107 Chapter 1 - Psyc 107 Chapter 1 17/09/2007 13:52:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Psyc 107 Chapter 1 17/09/2007 13:52:00 What is Psychology? The Study of Psychology o Science with a special focus on behavior Primary Emphasis o Discovering and explaining the causes of behavior The word psychology comes from the Greek Words o Psukhe breath or soul o Logos word or reason Modern meaning o Psycho mind o Logy science Explaining Behavior Causal Events o Events that cause other events (including behavior) to occur The Goals of Psychological Research Essential part of the human nature seems to be a need to understand what makes things work Fields of Psychology Areas of Psychological Research o Physiological Psychology Examines Behavior o Comparative Psychology Behavior of members of a variety of species in an attempt to explain behavior in terms of evolutionary adaptation to the environment Courting and Mating o Behavior Analysis Effects of the environment on behavior Primarily interested in learning and motivation o Behavior Genetics Studies the role of genetics in behavior Alter genes during breeding experiments to see the effects o Cognitive Psychology Mental processes and complex behaviors such as perception, attention, learning and memory, verbal behavior, concept information, and problem solving o Cognitive Neuroscience Same as cognitive psychologist but attempt to discover the particular brain mechanisms responsible for cognitive processes o Developmental Psychology Physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development, especially of children o Social Psychology Effects of people on people o Personality Psychology Individual differences in temperament and patterns of behavior Look for causal events in a persons history, both genetic and environment o Evolutionary Psychology...
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Psyc 107 Chapter 1 - Psyc 107 Chapter 1 17/09/2007 13:52:00...

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