Notes Feb 2 - Geography of the Pacific Rim February 2, 2006...

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Geography of the Pacific Rim February 2, 2006 Buddhism : Started in India. Many ask this of Buddha: they don’t ask “who are you”, they ask “what are you?”. “Are you a God?” –no. “Are you an angel?” –no. “Are you a saint?” –no “WHAT are you?” –I am awake . Buddha means “awake and to know” or “the enlightened one”. History: Lived near the Indian Border near Nepal, born into royalty. Supposedly one of the most handsome men ever, wise, brilliant, married neighboring princess, they have a son. His father cocoons him in this practically unreal life. (his father was trying to shelter him from bad things). His father gave him 40,000 beautiful dancers, 3 palaces, etc. Strict orders to the under people that Buddha should never hear/see any negative thing. Then one day while they were out Buddha chances upon an old man. He had never seen an old man. Later Buddha sees a man dying of disease. He learns of sickness. Buddha another time sees a dead boy, and learns of death. Finally he encounters a monk (shaven head, rice bowl, etc) there he learns of the possibility of withdrawing from this world. One night he just leaves his house, and for the next six years he engages in trying to find out about life. He seeks out 2 of the most brilliant Hindu masters of his day. He asks ALL his questions that he has about life. He leaves and then joins some “ascetics”. (they deprive bodily things like sight and smell to try to get in tune w/ body or whatever) He almost dies from malnourishment. He comes to “the middle way” Can’t be extreme, body NEEDS food. So he begins to meditate.
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Notes Feb 2 - Geography of the Pacific Rim February 2, 2006...

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