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Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes March 14, 2006 Final: Four I.D.’s on second semester reading. Spend 8-10 minutes on the I.D.’s. Write what the author is trying to say, in 1-2 sentences. Then spend the rest of the paragraph talking about HOW they do this. Then 1-2 sentences that show that I understand the impact of the thesis. (keep it 1-2 Paragraphs altogether) One overarching essay involved reading from the entire quarter. The essay is something that he has spent a lot of time talking about. Notes Culture has had a huge effect on the development of the Pacific Rim. For Example Confucianism had a huge impact on the Asian psyche. Hierarchy: they rank people, they do not believe in equality. (This has key manifestations in military, economics, and government) Japan was all good fighting with China because they felt that they were “above” China. The dynamic economic underpinnings which put this area on the map. We examined Chinese, Korean, Japanese nationalism. And how Western ideology (that each nation shares one “sense of belonging” and the exportation of this belief) effected the countries. This notion of nationalism was soiked up by the Asians, and by using it combined with their history, they retroactively made a national history. Always talking about their “ancient” history, that there has ALWAYS been Chinese, and Koreans, even though this isn’t true). Some even argue that Asian values, make them superior to other nations (even the West). For the Chinese, they see this as the recognition that they have always deserved. The Chinese are reemerging to take their rightful place as the center of the universe. The Developmental Model: Much different from the Command model, Mixed economies, and the Liberal model. For the Asians the Developmental state model was innovative and touched the strengths of indigenous Asian cultures. It focused on education. The Asians also have a huge population, and they believe if you are “deficient” in any way, a society would be unable to produce that many people. Also obedience to authority, the penchant for Asians to obey without question, those above them in authority, is conducive to aggregate communities. Even with the Asian money crash, they have continued to grow.
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Notes March 14 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes March...

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