Notes March 9 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes March 9,...

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Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes March 9, 2006 Political Economy Everyone is trying to get wealthy. Within the global system the separation between the rich and the poor, is widening. Additionally the number of wealthy people (Japan, Sweden, Europe, etc…) is lessening (because their birth rate is dropping). 8 out of 10 children born every day is born to a third world mother. South Korea and Japan have the lowest birth rates in the Pacific Rim, whereas they are the richest nations. People in poor countries are voting with their feet. In the US at least a million illegal immigrants cross over the southern border every year. Basically all over the world poor countries are emigrating into their Provide jobs at home, so there is no need for the poor people to go to the rich countries. This is the ultimate way to create wealth in the poorer countries. The Developmental State Characterized by private ownership and property. Private firms (not owned by the state, for example Toyota or Samsung). The politicians reign (they are like the monarchs), but the bureaucrats rule (they make the actual rules and stuff). The economic bureaucracies are above the rest of everything else. This is where the best and the brightest go into government work. The core thing is populated by sophisticated tools of power. They have paramount control of funding, and their legal leverage or impact is unprecedented by any bureaucracy or government today. These core bureaucracies are insulated from outside pressures. The government is relatively autonomous and can’t be effected by other things (like labor unions) or even other people in the government. Also characterized by very effective policies. The top of the top of the cream of the crop of the best and the brightest are the ones
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Notes March 9 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes March 9,...

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