Notes Feb 28 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes...

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Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes February 28, 2006 Tri-Lateral Allies: South Korea, Japan and America. Both of the Asian countries are pivotal for us. North Korea and South Korea 1. One of the key concerns for both Koreas: they are strategically located between some of the most influential powers in the world. (China, Russia, etc.) So whenever one of these countries “coughs” Korea “catches a cold”. 2. Both are intent on escaping the traditions of China. Sudae- Serving the Great. It is said that Korean culture is backwards because they were so intent on copying China for so long. 3. Both have the issue of reunification. They believe that they are one race, one country. So how do we reunify? What will be the cost, etc? The South SAY they want to reunite with the North, but they really do not, for now. Eventually they do, but for now, no. WHY? Because for now the South has worked very hard and is a first world country, much higher living conditions. So reuniting with North Korea, would make Southern peoples taxes go up, and living conditions in general probably go down. It would cost hundreds of billions of $ to bring the North up to the South’s level. There is also the cultural aspect. After 2 or 3 generations of being split in terms of psychologically, way of life and thinking, they are completely different. There is hardcore discrimination against the Northerners who live in the South. When many North Korean refugees get to the South they get blown away. Because the government teaches them that the South is poor and gross and ugly and whatever. Some of them go to China and get blown away, “wow, they are so rich! Everything is so nice!” Then they go to South Korea which is even nicer. Its like being told that George Washington was really a monkey and he wasn’t the father of our
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Notes Feb 28 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes...

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