Notes Jan 31 - Geography, January 31, 1 Geography of the...

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Geography, January 31, 1 Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes: January 31, 2006 * 30%-40%: ID’s (shortening what was read to a few sentances) * Open Note * Not only summarize the article, but also make a critical/intellectual/original thought. Could only be a sentence or two, just make some sort of contribution to show that you thought it through. * 60%-70% percent of exam is a big essay. We should have it in our head already, review the lecture notes, the readings, and think about what kind of questions he might ask. It will be something broad. * How to prepare: come to class, take good note, review notes, read texts, think them through. ***Basically, I should be able to do this entire midterm before I get here. Be THAT prepared*** How long should the short answer be? Its worth 10% of the midterm (each one) spend that much time on each one. Asian Concepts of Power China : Confucian legacy held up the ideal that authority should be an end in itself. That power should be used to set a moral example for the rest of society. Thus virtue would be upheld and a direct consequence of a very peaceful harmonious society. Essentially politics in the Confucian thing is a matter of ethics. Family is important. Public life in China became analogous to family life. The ultimate value of government is stability, continuity, and most essentially harmonious relations amongst all its members. But in practice Chinese politics (like all politics based on family) ends with everyone trying to protect their own families, instead of trying to protect everyone as a whole. Become synonymous with bureaucratic, ruled by a Mandarin elite. All power and authority is argued to fall within a hierarchy. It’s all about society/hierarchy. If you know your place you know how to act in every situation. Everything outside of
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Notes Jan 31 - Geography, January 31, 1 Geography of the...

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