Notes Feb 23 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes Japan...

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Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes February 23, 2006 Japan: Realists believe that the Japan-America ally should have died after the Soviet Union died because we were japans new adversary (as the biggest). The other side believes that there was no reason for Japan to turn against the US because both of us would have a vested interest in the stability. 1. Article 9: (The Peace Clause in the Japanese Constitution) the Japanese have interpreted article 9 to mean that Japans forces can only have defensive military capabilities. (They can have only enough military to defend themselves.) A militarily weak Japan MUST rely on the US. We are their final arbiter of their sovereignty. 2. Mutual Seclusion Treaty (MST) 3. The Yoshida Document: That the Japanese military should only search and rescue, or a disaster relief foundation. (Very much like the US Coast Guard.) The document also said that they would rely on us militarily, and they would emphasize economic growth. (This has worked spectacularly obviously.) 4. National Defense Program Outline (NDPO) 1. There is a tendency in Japan to deny collective responsibility for WWII. They blame the military. Hence redeveloping the Japanese military is a bad thing, in this thinking. 2. The Japanese militaries job is to just hold off the forces until the US come to help. 3. A determination to try to limit spending on military as much as possible.
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Notes Feb 23 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes Japan...

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