Notes Feb 21 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes February...

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Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes February 21, 2006 Tiananmen Square – The government trying to crack down on democracy rising in China. China is marching forward politically. Their economy is booming, they are “the factory” that drives the economy. They are enjoying great relations with all the “powerful” countries. Although they do have some problems, potential domestic problems (the small Muslim groups), the growing inequality (really rich at the top) is a supposedly “Communist” government. 20 th century china was characterized by instability and war. This legacy has a huge impact on modern Chinese international relations. The extent to which the US remains (or does not remain) in Asia, will be the key determinant to stability in Asia. The three major sources of Geo-political center are Europe, The US, and now China. Realists argue that China is a dissatisfied power, thus they will inevitably try to use decisive force in the region. (Especially as its military power progresses) Thus China will become a serious threat to its regional neighbors. There are a number of things that can be done because of this. All the other Asian countries can submit to China, or they can band together and try to rival China. Realists continue to argue that China has a strong will to reshape the Geo-politics of Asia and the rest of the world because of China’s defeat and humiliation in front of the world. Thus it is safe to say that China can be wrapped into many MNC’s because they wish to regain power. The counterargument to this believes that economic interaction many times ameliorates the need for military action. The liberals also argue that even though nation-states are the primary actors, but international organizations can and do have efficacy that the realists underestimate. (Organizations like the UN and the World Bank.) What are Chinas geo-political calculations? They are preoccupied with establishing the sanctity of their borders, and establishing living space, to increase their power economically, technologically, and in the oceans. China argues that it is a peaceful state that they are members of regional and global organizations, they are increasingly
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Notes Feb 21 - Geography of the Pacific Rim Notes February...

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