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FDR Outline - History 106 March 2, 2008 Franklin D....

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History 106 March 2, 2008 Franklin D. Roosevelt- The Making of America Chapter One- The Roosevelts of Hyde Park Franklin’s father’s side from Dutch descent Mother’s side came from French Protestant lineage The Roosevelts prospered by trading in real estate, dry goods, and West Indian sugar. The family established its home in the early nineteenth century in Dutchess County Franklin’s father James graduated from the Union College and the Harvard Law School. James worked at a law firm and became the rector of the Consolidated Coal Company, then general manager of the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railway James home burned down in 1865, he reestablished in Hyde Park near the Hudson and operated his farm for a profit. James was an accomplished horseman, and he also enjoyed skating, iceboating, sailing, and fishing. James was a local civic leader, town supervisor, Democrat, school board member, dignified, distinguished, comfortable, content, and became and Episcopalian The Roosevelts traveled Europe Rebecca, James’ wife died in 1876. Soon after married Sara Delano, he was 52 she was 26 Sara gave birth to Franklin Delano Roosevelt; it was a difficult birth Franklin had a strict, controlled up bringing, little contact with people his own age, and spent a lot of time with adults Collected stamps James played an important part in Franklin’s life. Liked animals, loved dogs, loved the sea
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FDR Outline - History 106 March 2, 2008 Franklin D....

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