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Chapter 7: The Road to War Treaty of Versailles started to erode b/c empires wanted to expand beyond borders and FDR had to deal with it FDR opposed US entry into World Court, but risks made it unavoidable Germany: dictatorship, suffered from inflation o Hitler- to overthrow government when he was head of National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi), put in jail o Nazis became powerful, Hitler became chancellor, seized power day after FDR elected o Germany withdrew from everything, o Italy and Germany formed alliance: Rome-Berlin Axis Asia: Japan went under political liberalization but depression led military to power o Demanded island nation expand, strengthened dictatorial hold over Japan o Established puppet regime and renamed it Manchukuo o Japan attacked Sanghai but withdrew o Years later, Japan signed Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany to stop revolution everywhere (Italy joined the next year) US was still under leadership of Hoover, didn’t recognize the Japanese attack US never joined League of Nations so could not demand support so Secretary of State (Stimson) sent note saying US doesn’t recognize legality of agreement not impaired w/ American rights….didn’t get much response Roosevelt had no desire to get involved in international crisis, recognized tradition of isolation and stayed out o When uprising in Cuba happened, he sent 30 ships only to show our presence, not to fight o South Americans haled him when he visited o Some people in US were mad because he didn’t respond to Mexico’s expropriation of the oil industry FDR got caught in middle of banking situation (bankers loaned lots of money to warring powers and hadn’t gotten it back) and decided to join World Court but lost in Senate FDR proposed that neutrality legislation be limited to 6 month period o Neutrality act of 1935-mandatory embargo of arms to all belligerents after president proclaimed state of war o Gave president power to withhold protection from citizens on ships o Invoked the act when fighting broke out in spain and asked congres to pass another one extending the neutrality legislation to deal w/ wars of other countries, to the Spanish civil war
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winklerpart3 - Chapter 7: The Road to War Treaty of...

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