The 60's Part 2

The 60's Part 2 - Part 2: -more students in college...

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Part 2: -more students in college -“in place of parents” =campus rules (living on campus, not co-ed, open doors, attendance, dressing, fights, drinking, etc) -students had no say until revolt - Main reason fro revolt ‘no restriction placed on student drinking, gambling, sexual activity, or any such private moral decision’ -students are not protected by constitution, they were restricted freedom of speech -free speech movement *FSM* - agreed to hold discussions w/ students -Berkley-1 st major student revolt Tonkin Gulf and 1964 Election - Maddox (US) – attacked by north Vietnamese patrol boats- was helping south Vietnam, -attack was the beginning of mad adventure by North Vietnamese communist -LBJ said he didn’t want to expand our role in war -Goldwater- wrote conscience of a conservative, wrote articles in newspapers=limited role of government, end most Gov. Regulations and social security -liberal organizations became more influential (Students for Democratic Society) -not very nationally influential though -Goldwater won republican nomination, -Johnson crushed Goldwater on Election Day -“government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” Launching Great Society - LBJ had faith gov. could solve problems -declared he was assembling experts to participate in white house conferences -developed task forces to develop plans and policies -LBJs top priority-health care, less than half Americans had health insurance, less had coverage after retirement; federal government made grants to states that they were supposed to share cost of health care for impoverished elderly but that system failed -Johnson administration attacked 3 killers (hearth disease, cancer, strokes) by increasing
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The 60's Part 2 - Part 2: -more students in college...

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