Ans42 - Jan 07 Role of companion animals in society

Ans42 - Jan 07 Role of companion animals in society -...

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Ans 42 Jan 7 2008 Companion animals - Keep in captivity Pet – any animal that is domesticated or tamed and kept as a favorite and treated with indulgence and fondness. Reason – driving force of owning a pet is companionship Historical theory – Hunters take “pets” home for kids to play with so they understand animal movements, improve understanding of animal behavior for hunting. Modern theory – Humans have a need for companionships - Pets provide social need for afflictive requirements o i.e. Sept 11, firefighters hugs dogs during their breaks. Blood pressure and heart rate will decrease with animals
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Unformatted text preview: -Animal assistant therapy 60% U.S. has pets-Cats v.s. dogs are almost equal-5% own birds. Pets in general is declining, but # of pets in households is increasing. 61 million dogs in U.S. Domesticated v.s. tamed Domesticated – to adopt an animal or plant -one that’s been bred in captivity for purposes of economical profit; human community maintains control over animals breeding, territory, and food supply Archaeozoologist – study history of animals Tame – tendency to flee from human is diminished....
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