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Chapter 24 - Ch 24 The Progressive Era Ch 24 The...

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Ch 24 The Progressive Era 12/02/2008 22:52:00 Ch. 24 The Progressive Era Arose because of society changes Elements of Reform     The Antecedents of Progressivism Private students begin to improve basic public services Socialist were the ‘left wing’ of progressives The Muckrackers Exposed corruption and social injustice Helped gain progressive era supports Strong on diagnosis than on remedy’s Features of Progressivism     Democracy Direct Primary’s Initiative and Referendum o Initiative – Voters petition for a measure o Referendum – Electorate could then vote on it Direct election by the people for US senators Efficiency Management techniques designed to cut manufacturing costs and enhance  productivity
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Regulation Breaking up huge companies would allow competition Unsuccessful Social Justice Labor Legislation o Helped raise the age to 16 for children workers and limited there hours o Fought for women’s hours of work  Prohibition  Women’s Christian Temperance Union o Helped pass an amendment making alcoholic bevarge sales illegal Roosevelt’s Progressivism     Very active chief executive Greatly expanded the role of the president Increased the authority of the federal government The Trusts ‘Square Deal’ o Enforcement of existing anti-trust laws and strict controls on big  business o
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