Chapter 25 - CHAPTER 25 America and the great War I Wilson...

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CHAPTER 25- America and the great War I. Wilson and foreign affairs a. Wilson had very little experience in dealing with foreign affairs b. His moralist views led him to impose standards on the rest of the world c. Ironically most of his campaign left him dealing with foreign affairs d. INTERVENTION IN MEXICO i. Military dictatorship in mexico was overthrown by a coup, replaced by another military dictatorship ii. Wilson questioned the legitimacy of the coup and put diplomatic pressure on the leader, Huerta iii. Wilson Expressed sympathy toward a revolutionary faction 1. He lifted an embargo on arms to the revolutionaryies and stationed warships of the coast to halt foreign arms shipments to huerta iv. The revolutionaries called Carranzistas assumed control after an ordeal with Huerta and some US sailors leading to US occupation of Tampico v. Americans left mexico when the carranzistas took control and set up a provisional gov’t vi. After the Carranzistas took power, they argued over the spoils of office, one of the generals, Pancho villa was pissed cuz the US recognized Carranza, not him, as the leader of the party, so in 1916 villa led several raids on the US in an attempt to discredit Carranza and make the US get involved vii. Wilson sent Gen. John J. Pershing and 11,000 troops to track down villa, they were in mex. For nearly a year, and never found villa viii. In 1917 carranza put a new liberal constitution into action e. Problems in latin America i. Marines had to be stations in Nicaragua to prevent a civil war ii. More marines sent to Haiti after the country had experience two revolutions back to back iii. US military forces remained in latin America until the 1930’s to maintain peace iv. Led to an irritiation with “yankee imperialism” II. An Uneasy Neutrality a. Summer 1914, Wilson was more worried about latin America than he was about the stuff goin down in Europe, but war hit in august 1914. that civilized Europe would descend into destruction seemed unthinkable to most Americans b. Sparked by assassination of the archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist c. Austria wanted to punish Serbia, Russia sympathized with Serbia
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i. This triggered a conflict between the two major systems of European alliances, the central powers(Austria-Hungary, germany, italy) and the allied powers(Britain france Russia) d. Little thought was given to the events leading up to WWI i. Russia refused to cease mobilization against Austria-hungary ii. Germany declared war on Russia, and france two days after that iii. Germany invaded Belgium to get at france, which got Britain into the war iv. Japan declared war as well, hoping to get its hands on some of the German holdings in the pacific v. Italy, although allied w/ central powers, stayed out of the war till
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Chapter 25 - CHAPTER 25 America and the great War I Wilson...

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