Chapter 29 - History 106 Chapter 29 I. 1920- Americans...

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History 106 Chapter 29 I. 1920- Americans expressing their post-war isolationism feelings. Elected Harding who disposed of American membership in the League of Nations Higher tariffs The Red Scare Restrictive immigration laws II. War debts and reparations The war-debt tangle heightened American isolationism To Americans the repayment of the war debt seemed a simple matter of obligation, but Europeans thought differently The system eventually collapsed with the Great Depression Americans passed the Johnson Debt Default Act of 1934 which prohibited private loans to any defaulting government III. Attempts at disarmament Americans believed that war could be prevented by passing arms limitation treaties. However, both the U.S. and Great Britain were concerned about Japan’s growing military power. Washington Conference of 1921-President Warren Harding invited eight key countries to address the problem. Opened with a surprise announcement by the U.S. Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes who laid out a plan disarmament plan to destroy most of the world’s navies. Resulted in Five-Power Treaty, Four- Power Treaty, and the Nine-Power Treaties. Five-Power Treaty- signed by delegates from the U.S., Britain, Japan, France, and Italy, incorporated Hughes’s plan for tonnage limits on their navies and a moratorium of ten years (meant no battleships could be built), agreed to refrain from further fortification of their Pacific possessions, the agreement “partitioned” the world Four-Power Treaty-The U.S., Britain, France, and Japan agreed to respect one another’s possessions in the Pacific Nine-Power Treaties- for the first time pledged the signers to support the principle of the Open Door Policy, enabled all nations to compete for trade and investment opportunities in China on an equal footing rather than allow individual nations to create economic monopolies in particular regions of the country, also promised to
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Chapter 29 - History 106 Chapter 29 I. 1920- Americans...

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