Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Outline I. Demobilization under...

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Chapter 31 Outline I. Demobilization under Truman A. The Truman style 1. Harry Truman a. took presidential oath on April 12,1945 b. served as captain of an artillery battery c. opened a clothing business but it failed 2. Domestic proposals of 1945 a. Sent Congress peacetime program that proposed to enlarge the New Deal b. 21 points including: expansion of unemployment insurance, a higher minimum wage, a permanent Fair Employment Practices Committee, slum clearance and low-rent housing, regional development of the nation’s river valleys, and public works program B. Demobilization 1. Rapid reduction of armed forces a. Public demanded that the president and Congress bring the troops home b. Total armed forces dropped from 12 million to 1.5 million 2. Escalation of birthrate a. Population soared during this postwar period what came to be known as baby-boom generation 3. Efforts for economic stabilization a. Several shock absorbers cushioned the economic impact of demobilization: unemployment insurance and other Social Security Benefits C. Attempts to control inflation 1. Demands for wage increases 2. A wave of strikes a. A strike in the steel industry helped settle most of the disputes 3. Truman’s response to strikes a. He asked for a one-year renewal of Office of Price Administration
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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Outline I. Demobilization under...

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