The 60's Part 5

The 60's Part 5 - The Sixties Part Five: Pages 166-end...

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The Sixties Part Five: Pages 166-end Liberation Gays faced ample stereotyping and discrimination 4% Gay Men ; 2% Gay Females (“fags” or “queers”) Sexual behavior was illegal in every state Public pressure server- gays were discharged from military and fired from federal gov. Gay liberation developing with homosexuals such as, Allen Ginsberg, Bayard Rustin Within the years gays began picketing companies, publishing underground papers, and marching Gay Day or Gay Pride Parade (First in 1970 in NYC) “Enough! to War” May 1969- American Colonel ordered troops to attack hill 937 Hill was defeated by North Vietnamese Army Another attack was ordered and then repulsed Finally soldiers drove the enemy off the position Colonel ordered a withdrawal, which led to a political debate in America, enraged many troops, and boosted the antiwar movement Vietnamization killed what remained of American troop morale in Vietnam, and it was not a military policy for South Vietnam, but a political one for the Nixon administration Many more Americans were asking the question why? In 1969 To counter Nixon’s slow withdrawal, activists declared a one-day pause in their usual business for a peaceful “Moratorium” on October 15 Americans were frustrated because all they wanted was peace in Vietnam and also at home Green Power Ecology quickly became another form of empowerment Activists began confronting local companies that polluted the air Berkley and Stanford students began “Save the Bay” campaign By spring of 1970 polls showed that American were more concerned with the
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The 60's Part 5 - The Sixties Part Five: Pages 166-end...

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