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In the article “A Demonstration of the being and Attributes of God”, the writer Samuel Clarke argues to prove the existence of God by giving a series of arguments to support his conclusion. Clarke starts his argument by saying that something has existed from eternity. He then continues his arguments by saying that there has existed from eternity some undeniable and independent being. This immutable or undeniable and independent being, which has existed from eternity without any external cause of its existence has to be self-existent or necessarily existing according to him. Notice that his arguments or premises are dependent on one another and support each other. Clarke then says that we don’t know what the substance and real meaning of that self-existent or necessarily existing being is, and it’s impossible for us to know that. He says that although we don’t know the essence of this self-existent being, but many of his essential
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Unformatted text preview: qualities are strictly provable as well as his existence. According to Clarke, in the first place this being must be of necessity eternal and that it must necessarily be infinite and omnipresent. This eternal self-existent being must be only one and must be an intelligent being. He adds that this being must not be a necessary agent but it must have liberty and choice. Therefore, it must of necessity have infinite power and must be infinitely wise. As a result, Clarke concludes that, this eternal self-existent being must of necessity be a being of infinite justice, goodness and truth and all other moral perfections which is going to make him the supreme governor and judge of the world, or in simple words, this being is God. Clarke’s argument is very weak since it’s based on a lot of assumptions and some of them seemed invalid to some people later on....
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