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Carly Liu HIST 245 Lois Banner Midterm Identification Terms Elizabeth Cady Stanton When – mid 1800’s Where – Seneca Falls, NY Why – equal rights for men and women Historical Context – o Led the women’s rights movement from the beginning o Helped write the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions at Seneca Falls, NY on July 19, 1848, using the Declaration of Independence as a model o Declaration of Sentiments: All 12 resolutions were passed The declaration pointed out all the restrictions that men put on women and the resolutions to them Feminization How – more women were joining the work force When – 1900s Where – US Why – women took over jobs that men previously had Historical Context – o Pattern of lessened pay and status when women become the majority in a profession o Women became factory workers, teachers, librarians and did clerical work o Marriage bar- fired women if they married and refused to promote unmarried women because they would probably marry and quit Social purity movement How – Progressivism When – late 1800’s, early 1900’s Where – US Why – Victorianism Historical Context – o A coalition of organizations that lobbied successfully for the creation of vice commissions in many cities to expose prostitution and to suggest ways to deal with it o Behind efforts to censor immoral behavior in the movies, to est. reformatories for “delinquent” girls, and to raise the age of consent—the age at which a girl is considered adult enough by law to consent voluntarily to sex o Hull House:
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Started as a house for single women/mothers Kindergarten, coffeehouse, gym Goal: “To provide a center for a higher civic and social life; to institute and maintain educational and philanthropic enterprises, and to investigate and improve the conditions in the industrial districts of Chicago.” Comstock law When – passed in 1873 Where – New York, then spread to 23 more states Why – As a result of an outpouring of open sexual expression, Victorianism Historical Context – o Banned the dissemination in interstate commerce of pornography, abortion devices, and “any drug, medicine, article, or thing designed, adapted, or intended for preventing conception” o Anthony Comstock monitored this through a special position at the post office Race suicide How – HA FELL ASLEEP When – Where – Why – Historical Context – Demographic transition How – birth control When – late 1800s Where – US Why – birth control available Historical Context – o Family size decreased o A key development in the history of modern women, for it freed them from constant childbirth and allowed flexibility in life choices Chicago Columbian Exposition How – When – 1893 Where – Why – celebrating Columbus’s discovery of America four centuries earlier Historical Context –
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Midterm ID Terms - Carly Liu HIST 245 Lois Banner Midterm...

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