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Lance Blocker RELI 1001 Dr. Medine TA: Omer Tasgetiren Paper on Reform Judaism Reform Judaism is one of the three major sects of Judaism in the world today. This popular form of worship arose in Germany during “the early 1800s both as a reaction against the perceived rigidity of Orthodox Judaism and as a response to Germany’s increasingly liberal political climate.” (ReligionFacts) Since then, its popularity has grown rapidly throughout the world. In the United States alone, a survey found that 42% of American Jews regarded themselves as Reform. (ReligionFacts) Reform Judaism is at odds with other sects of the Jewish faith in that it allows for women to be rabbis, cantors, and synagogue presidents. It also accepts gays and lesbians and interfaith families as members for worship. However, there are major
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Unformatted text preview: similarities between the popular sects. Just like Orthodox and Conservative Judaism, Reform follows the central tenets of Judaism: God, Israel, and the Torah. (ReligionFacts) Reform Judaism believes that all human beings are created in the image of God, and that we are Gods partners in improving the world. (Reform) Reform Judaism is most often practiced in the western countries including the U.S. and Western Europe. This modern interpretation of Judaism seems only likely to continue to grow in popularity and importance throughout the world. Bibliography "Reform Judaism." ReligionFacts . 20 Feb. 2008 <>. "What is Reform Judaism?" Reform Judaism . Union for Reform Judaism. 20 Feb. 2008 <>....
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