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Black Letter Law - Constitutional Law Outline - f War...

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Constitutional Law Black Letter Outline I. Standing [Can the plaintiff bring the suit before the court?] a. Injury Occurred – Has the party been injured b. Causation – Traceable Back to the Parties c. Redressabilty – Can the court render a solution d. Political questions doctrine (Don’t discuss) II. Areas of Law a. Commerce Clause b. Taxing and Spending c. Reconstruction Powers d. Dormant Commerce Clause e. 10 th Amendment Limitations
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Unformatted text preview: f. War Powers III. Overarching Themes a. Necessary and Proper (Federal Power) b. Judicial Review (Article 3 Issue – Courts and the Legislature (Lincoln v. Kennedy’s opinion in Boerne)) c. Political Safeguards of Federalism d. Representation Reinforcement e. Judicial Supremacy f. 14 th Amendment g. Political Questions Doctrine (Baker v. Carr) h. Disfavored subjects i....
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