de bois - "Souls of Black Folks Analysis Over 150 years...

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November 30, 2006 “Souls of Black Folks” Analysis Over 150 years have passed since Lincoln proclaimed a new era, an era of so called freedom, and yet we still find ourselves dancing delicately around our history, avoiding it at all costs. The fact is that it was very gruesome, cruel and belittling. The white culture suppressed and humiliated countless blacks for generations, and those generations learned to step carefully and to hold a cold heart toward the white society. They are not to be blamed as they were the victims, though it also must be understood that 150 years is not nearly long enough (as it is only 2 full generations) to erase the cultural thoughts of social status that was deeply embedded into the white society. Du Bois was right to speak so passively of this. He holds a matter of fact tone as if he understands that things cannot be changed in the snap of a finger, he will not gain every white person’s respect immediately. He does not question why, he only humors himself with the
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de bois - "Souls of Black Folks Analysis Over 150 years...

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