term paper examples - Violence and the Media P.G.A vs Casey...

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Examples of Past Students’ Topics for their History 104 Term Papers These are only examples of paper topics that you could explore. I encourage you to come up with original topics. You probably should skim your textbook to see what possibilities exist. Choose a topic that you truly care about. It is impossible to write a really good paper on a topic that does not really engage you. These are the broader topics that students have dealt with in the past. They are not the narrower, more specific topics, that students actually presented. Nor does this list of topics indicate what thesis or points of view that students have argued in their term papers. Start early on your topic. If you pick a popular topic, you might find that many of the library materials on this topic have already been checked out if you have gotten a late start. This is another good reason for picking a unique topic Some Possible Topic Examples to Provoke Thought Endangered Species Act
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Unformatted text preview: Violence and the Media P.G.A. vs. Casey Martin Title IX and Women's Sports Computer Encryption Haight-Ashbury and "Hippies" Electoral College Hearst/Pulitzer Newspaper Wars Children of the Depression Women During the Depression Charles Lindberg’s Legend Aircraft in WWI Early Stock Market Women’s Fashion Boy Scout Origins Conservation (Early Envionmentalism) Sears Roebuck Catalogue Department Stores Vietnam Veterans Against the War Nixon’s Silent Majority The CIA Television in the 1950s Radio in the 1920s The Space Race Early Computers First Miss America Pageant Summer of Love Haight-Ashbury AIDS Polio Vaccine “Born Again” Christians Early Telephone Early Bellingham Atomic Civil Defense in the 1950s Cars of the 1950s The Swing Music Era Marilyn Monroe “Playboy” Gloria Steinham MTV Home | History 103 | History 104 | Contact | About My Teaching History Department | Western Washington University...
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term paper examples - Violence and the Media P.G.A vs Casey...

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