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Nicky Schildkraut Writ 140 A5 Invention A position with limits: “Unity in society is great, as long as _______________________________________” “Diversity in society is great, as long as ____________________________________” Examples : List some events and/or issues from Hist 245 or Writ 140 which you think will help you explore this tension: Example #1: Example #2: Example #3: Example #4: (etc.) What are the common threads running through these examples? These threads could be fairly concrete (“These examples all deal with the status of women in America”) or more abstract (“Language and access to power are at work in all these examples”). Below, list some key terms connecting your examples or, if you prefer, a sentence. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: ___________________________________________________________________ Toward a thesis : How can you frame these ideas into something contestable ? It’s not enough to say that “diversity is good” because no one’s going to disagree with you. Think about extreme cases (which some of your examples might illustrate). What are the limits of your argument (above), and how do they connect with your examples? How might someone else understand these examples differently and what would you say to them? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Now, it’s up to you to incorporate your ideas as well as their limits into a contestable thesis statement....
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