rules2 - (q r)] De Morgans (DeM) (p v q) :: ( p q) (p q) ::...

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RULES OF INFERENCE Modus Ponens (MP) Modus Tollens (MT) Conjunction (Conj) p q p q p p q q q ∴∼ p p q Hypothetical Syllogism (HS) Simplification (Simp) Constructive Dilemma (CD) p q p q p q p q q r p q r s p r p v r q v s Disjunctive Syllogism (DS) Addition (Add) p v q p v q p p q p v q q p REPLACEMENT RULES Double Negation (DN) p ∼ ∼ p Commutation (Comm) (p v q) :: (q v p) (p q :: (q p) Contraposition (Contra) (p q) :: ( q p) Tautology (Taut) p :: (p v p) p :: (p p) Association (Assoc) [(p v q) v r] :: [p v (q v r)] [(p q) r] :: [p
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Unformatted text preview: (q r)] De Morgans (DeM) (p v q) :: ( p q) (p q) :: ( p v q) Exportation (Exp) [(p q) r] :: [p (q r 29] Implication (Impl) (p q) :: ( p v q) Equivalence (Equiv) (p q) :: [(p q) (q p)] (p q) :: [(p q) v ( p q) Distribution (Dist) [p (q v r)] :: [(p q) v (p r)] [p v (q r)] :: [(p v q) (p v r)] Absorption (Abs) (p q) :: [p (p q)] Implication Denial (ID) (p q) :: (p q)...
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