Diagnostics test 2

Diagnostics test 2 - Standard score in interpreting...

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Standard score in interpreting articulation tests Each phoneme same point value Does not show qualitative or developmental results Phoneme are not ranked according to difficulty Standardized test A test given to every person the SAME way Criterion Referenced Pass/fail Norm referenced test Rated scale of scoring based on age Global Battery Tests more than one part of language (semantics, syntax, memory, etc) Neutroclusion Teeth rest on top of each other Mesiocclusion Bottom forward Distoclusion Top forward (buck teeth) Diadochokinesis Speed of repetitive movement (pu, tu, ku) Assimilated nasality Nasality of phonemes when there are lots of nasals present Geographic tongue Acid causes tongue to look like it has cuts on it Deep test Is not an average test that is given during a diagnostic WORD TEST 2 (expressive vocab/semantic) Ceiling Assuming all things after ceiling point will be incorrect, where you stop testing Basal Assuming all things before basal will be correct, where you, where you start testing Hearing Screening Uses audiometer Test at 1000, 2000, 4000, hz @ 20dB (can’t fail any freq or go to audiologist) voice problems. . Send to doctor, do not treat w/out consent Oral Mechanism ASHA requires, must be given in every diagnostic Discontinue Rule Composite A sum of the standard scores for a particular section (e.g. the listening has 3 separate parts all separate and a composite allows you to add these 3 for a quotient) Queries A prompted response, when a child is close enough to a word to allow you to ask another word Conventions Why you would use written language 4 modalities Reading, writing, speaking, listening RTI Response to intervention
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Diagnostics test 2 - Standard score in interpreting...

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