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MSU College of Nursing NUR 360 Fall 2005 This module will present the topic of brain trauma and the nursing and collaborative management of these patients. Remember that the format for this week is a little bit different. We will not be spending much time in class on lecture, so most of the information you need will come from your readings and the other on- line activities. In class you will be working with your team on a case study that hopefully will help you apply what you have learned to a "real world" situation. Objectives: 1. Differentiate among patients with head injuries according to mechanism of injury, clinical signs and symptoms, diagnostic testing and treatment options. 2. Describe the nursing and collaborative management of head-injured patients. 3. Design a plan of care, using the nursing process, for a patient with traumatic brain injury. Activity Instructions Due by Reading Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: Smeltzer and Bare: Pages 1818-1848 ; 1873-1875; 1911-1926 and Seizure Supplement Prior to viewing ppt. presentation View ppt. I recommend that you view this with your textbook open in front of you. There are questions throughout that will stimulate your reading and make the activity more active. You can also discuss the answers with your classmates in the discussion forum. Prior to taking quiz Complete quiz This is a learning activity. After completing the quiz, compare your answers to the suggested answers to see how you did! Completion of the quiz will be part of your quiz grade for this week. Prior to class on April 13, 2006 **Your quiz points for this week will be based on completion of the on-line quiz (worth 2 points) and completion of the classroom activity (worth 8 points). See rubric for grading web-enhanced classes which is in the Neuro folder on ANGEL....
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