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Eva Havens Evidence Based Poster Fair Nursing 4351 Early Post-Partum Education and Breastfeeding Outcomes Abstract Little concrete research has been conducted on the correlation between breastfeeding education in the early post-partum period for first time breastfeeding mothers and the long term outcomes of breastfeeding. The purpose of this analysis was to determine whether or not early post-partum support and education in breastfeeding improves the long term outcomes in breastfeeding for mothers who have never breastfed before. Five articles were reviewed regarding early post-partum education and breastfeeding outcomes. The 5 articles used were almost all small sample size LOE 8, using various surveys to garner information from participants. The first article by Grizzard, Bartick, Nikolov, Griffin, and Lee (2005) was LOE 8, and assessed the implementation of The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding (WHO/UNICEF) in Massachusetts hospitals and it’s correlation to pacifier usage (p=0.0017), formula
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