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IE170/171: Algorithms in Systems Engineering Syllabus Dr. Ted Ralphs Spring 2006 1 Miscellaneous Course Information Instructor: Dr. Ted Ralphs Office: 473 Mohler Lab Phone: 8-4784 E-mail: tkr2 Office Hours: MWF 12:00-1:00 Web page:˜tkr2 Course web page:˜tkr2/teaching/ie170/ Course meeting time: IE170 MWF 11:10-12:00 IE171 M 1:10-4:00 Teaching Assistant: Shantanu Chakraborty 2 Description of Course This course will introduce students to the principles involved in designing, analyzing, and imple- menting basic algorithms common in systems engineering applications. The course will be divided into five units by topic area (see detailed syllabus below). Course meetings will consist of three 50 minute lectures and one three hour laboratory each week. The laboratory exercises will consist of case studies in which the students will have to apply the principles discussed during the week’s lectures to solve a given systems engineering problem. This will be accomplished mainly through implementing various algorithms and data structures in C++. Weekly homework based on the laboratory case studies will further reinforce student learning. 3 Course Objectives The goals of this course are for each student to: 1. Continue to sharpen basic computing and programming skills needed for future coursework, as well as reinforce material learned in previous courses; 2. Understand the basic principles of algorithm design, especially for applications in systems engineering; 1
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3. Develop an appreciation for the importance of implementing algorithms efficiently and the skills necessary for doing so; 4. Understand basic techniques for analyzing the performance of algorithms; 5. Develop an ability to solve systems engineering problems by designing and implementing an appropriate algorithm. 4 General Course Requirements 4.1 Prerequisites Students are expected to have basic computing skills, including familiarity with the C++ program- ming language. They should also have completed ENG 1 and CSc 17. 4.2 Required Text Thomas H. Cormen (Editor), Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein, Introduc- tion to Algorithms (Second Edition). 4.3 Reading Students will be expected to complete the readings associated with each lecture. Most readings will be from the course text, but students are encouraged to seek supplementary material. Links to supplementary reading material available over the Web will be available from the course page. 4.4 Lectures Students will be expected to attend and participate in lectures. Lecture slides will be provided ahead of time on the course Web site and should be printed out and brought to lecture. Students will be graded on all aspects of class participation. 4.5
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Syllabus - IE170/171: Algorithms in Systems Engineering...

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