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psych meds - Ultram Glucophage Levaquin Glipizide Depakote...

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Common Medications on MHS Seroquel Lexapro Ativan Librium Geodon Prozac Xanax Flexeril Abilify Celexa Klonopin Clonidine Risperdal Zoloft Lunesta Suboxone Zyprexa Cymbalta Ambien Motrin Trazodone Valium Thiamine Vistaril Immodium BuSpar Folic Acid Phenergan Serax Camprall Zofran
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Unformatted text preview: Ultram Glucophage Levaquin Glipizide Depakote Protonix Reg. Insulin Tegretal Synthroid Novulin70/30 Neurontin Hydrochothiazide Lantus Lamictal Prinivil Lithium Norvasc Advair Lopressor Albuterol Benicar Claritin Coreg...
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