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Song of America - Keith McGonigle English 214 Boswell...

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Keith McGonigle English 214 Boswell 10/17/07 Song of America Walt Whitman was a poet that emerged in the mid 19 th century in a time where America had not really produced an original and unique poet that represented America. Whitman wanted to be that poet. Whitman strongly believed that America was the greatest country and would produce the greatest poet. He thought that one of the most important traits of America was the fact that so many people from so many different backgrounds, classes, religions, and races made up America and that so many different ideas can be created by these individuals. Although he was criticized at first Whitman became and is still now seen as one of America’s most original and famous poets. One of Whitman’s most well known poems from the book of Grass of Leaves is called Song of Myself. In this very long poem that is broken up into 52 parts, Whitman was trying to convey many messages and thoughts that he believed in. One of the most interesting parts of this poem can be found in stanza 15. This stanza is full of very common, every day occurrences that
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Song of America - Keith McGonigle English 214 Boswell...

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