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Keith McGonigle English 214-005 Boswell 9/17/07 Freedom for America Freedom was a major theme of the American Revolution, and it is a word that has been ingrained into all Americans since the time they were young. Today most people think of freedom as the freedom of speech and religion that we are given as Americans. During the Revolution, however, freedom was a word that meant many different things. Thomas Paine and Phillis Wheatley are two writers that that wrote about freedom during the Revolutionary era. Paine wrote about the freedom in the sense of the freedom from Great Britain, whereas Wheatley wrote poems about the freedom of slaves. Both writers use very different styles to portray their messages and to inform their audience. Thomas Paine played a huge part in the American Revolution; he used his pamphlets, called “Common Sense”, to stir up propaganda and hatred towards the British. Paine’s idea of freedom was freedom from an oppressor, King George III. In his pamphlets Paine does not talk about individual’s freedoms, but more about the country as a whole. Freedom to Paine is not about the desire to have a united America under one constitution. Paine tries to convince readers by using common sense logic, and examples to show that it is only right that America is free
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freedom paper - Keith McGonigle English 214-005 Boswell...

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