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Consumers Till We Die - Tim Squire Menon ENGL 1102...

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Tim Squire March 12, 2007 Menon ENGL 1102 Consumers Till We Die In the article “Doom-Mongers war there is no oil for troubled waters; the peak-oil movement, which warns of imminent disaster with the end of the oil age, is winning converts”, Deepak Gopinath explains the basics of peak oil, and makes the claim peak-oil is indeed true. Peak-oil, which states that oil production will eventually peak, and after this happens the world will not be able to keep up with it’s energy demands, thus ensuing another great depression, has been a controversial topic. The theory, however, is now gaining more acceptance from Washington and Wall Street, according to Gopinath. Although there are still many people who claim that peak-oil is still very far off, including Exxon Mobil and Alex Cranberg, chairman of Us independent oil company Aspect Energy, Gopinath states that investors, scientists, and politicians are now starting believe in peak-oil, giving it much more credibility. Regardless of who believes what, we
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