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Tim Squire Roman Pers 2002 November 27, 2007 Perspectives Term Paper The thought that someday, your body will fail you in some manner, and that all functions of thought and perception will leave you has haunted people since the dawn of communication. We as humans are in no way capable of naturally living any longer than a mere hundred some short years. Constantly we have searched for a way to maintain our lives full of wine drinking and merriment, and yet, every single person that has attempted to accomplish this feat has failed. It is a daunting task to cheat death, and yet, as our civilization looms towards a new century, technology may be heading in a direction that would allow us to prolong our life tremendously. Maybe, the secret to living forever does not lie in our world as a potion, but rather in a much smaller world filled with our microbial friends. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to better human health and society. Like any technology, it started small, with pre-historic peoples finding that they could plant their own crops to produce things themselves, instead of finding caches of berries and grains growing in the wild. This process started nearly 10,000 when our ancestors were making beer, wine, and bread (Peters). This demonstration of human ingenuity was the start of something incredibly important. In addition to plants, humans learned that they could control the traits of animals by mating them with other animals carrying that trait. Once humans were able to control the wild plants and animals, humans stayed in one place to herd their cattle and farm their lands. The crops that people ate could be improved by selecting the seeds that were from the plants that were the healthiest and grow the most (Spinney). In this way, humans were able to produce more food for themselves. Thus civilization started, solely due to the advantages of biotechnology.
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Tim Squire Roman Pers 2002 November 27, 2007 Today, Biotechnology is seen everywhere. It can be found in all sorts of chemicals. For example, paints were developed as a byproduct of a fermentation process (Peters). The most notable aspects of biotech today can be seen in agriculture. For example, the genetically modified crops planted in the United States as of
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Perspectives Term Paper - Tim Squire Roman Pers 2002...

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