Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Communication and Culture...

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Chapter 4 Communication and Culture Understanding Culture Culture- A way of life, ideas, values, beliefs, structures, and practices that is communicated by one generation to the next Multiple Social Communities May Coexist in a Single Society More than one culture exist in an location at a time but one is usually dominate Dominance is usually evident through non verbal communication Social Communities- groups of people who lie within a dominate culture yet also are members of another group or groups that are not dominate in a particular society Were called “subcultures” Then Larry Samovar and Richard Porter changed it to “co-cultures” Then Social Communities Gender as a Social Community Games, interactions, rules, relationships, communication styles and styles of listening are all different between genders Other Social Communities Gender Race Ethnicity Cultures are Systems Not random, they are a coherent system of understandings, traditions, values, communication practices and ways of living
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Communication and Culture...

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