judaism middle ages paper

judaism middle ages paper - Survival of Judaism in the...

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Survival of Judaism in the Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, life, law, and culture rested ultimately on religious obedience. The Christian and Muslim faiths believed the Jews must convert to their own “correct” faith, or else bear the consequences of repeated marginalization. 1 Although they suffered as a minority religion in a Christian and Muslim dominant world, Jews used this as a means to become more nationalistic, allowing their culture and tradition the ability to survive the oppressed times, and to flourish in them as well - mainly in the forms of philosophy and mysticism. Beginning in the 9 th century, Jews living in the Muslim world had to deal with the classification of the Jews by the Muslims as dhimmis. As a result of this label, Jews were treated as second class citizens and did not have many rights. They were denied citizenship, had to pay extra taxes, were not allowed to dress like Muslims or travel with them, and were not allowed to bear arms or own slaves. A Muslim could not convert to Judaism, in which doing so was punishable by death. 2
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judaism middle ages paper - Survival of Judaism in the...

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